Thursday, December 18, 2008

Doing good well

One of my good friends has very thoughtful got me a copy of the book titled Doing Good Well: What Does (and Does Not) Make Sense in the Nonprofit World authored by Willie Cheng. Here, I would like to thank her for her thoughtful and kind gesture. I am feeling very blessed to have a friend in her. This post is dedicated to her!

I had only briefly asked her for some details on the book, and numerous weeks later, she told me that she has gotten me a copy of the book. Many thanks to this friend of mine for keeping me in her thoughts.

Briefly, this is what the book is about: "Doing Good Well is a thinking man's guide to the nonprofit world. It surprises and challenges even as it seeks to explain charity-specific issues such as charitableness, bridging the rich/poor divide, informed giving and social entrepreneurship."

Here is a book review on this book:
October 04, 2008 in Knowledge@SMU

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