Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Singapore Pavilion

Thanks to the special access privileges cards that my tour group was given, I was able to have the privilege to enter the Singapore Pavilion without having to queue. Making full use of the acess privileges, the Singapore Pavilion was the one of the two pavilions in the World Expo 2010 that I had visited.

The Singapore Pavilion's architecture evokes images of a musical box. Why music? I wonder if this has any relation with the four Mandarin pop-singers who were featured in a music-video performance shown on the second level of the pavilion?

We were queueing to watch the Urban Symphony, a music-video.

Personally, I felt that the target audience of the Singapore Pavilion was the locals of mainland China. The exhibits that were found in the Singapore Pavilion gave me the clues that this was so. One of the prominent exhibits in the Singapore Pavilion featured a few of the pioneers of Singapore and all of them had a Chinese heritage.Maybe my eyes were not observant enough, I just don't seem to recollect any prominent exhibits in the Singapore Pavilion that featured the five-foot ways of Singapore's shophouses and the other pioneers of Singapore from the other races. There was however a pretty prominent exhibit that featured the Peranakan's culture.

The mascot of the Singapore Pavilion is the lovable Little Durian Star. The mascot looks adorable and visitors can have the pleasure to take photos with him if they are lucky to come across the mascot. My mom, my friend and her family and myself were lucky to take a photo with the Little Durian Star.

The roof garden at the top of the pavilion pays tribute to Singapore’s reputation as a garden city. I think if visitors like the roof garden, they will find greater pleasure to visit Singapore itself. There are some nice views from the rooftop of the Singapore Pavilion and this makes it worthwhile to find our way up to the rooftop.

My personal opinion of the Singapore Pavilion is that the exhibits inside did not attract my interest. However, the interesting architecture and the thoughtfully landscaped roof garden will definitely appeal to its targetted audience.

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