Saturday, May 29, 2010

Some reflections on visiting World Expo 2010

 Expo Axis is the structure that looks like a funnel. 
The China Pavilion is in the background.

Enough about the World Expo 2010 at the moment. I wonder if it would be apt to take some time to reflect on whether it would be better to visit the World Expo 2010 Shanghai China with a tour group or on one's own.

For Singapore residents, if you have the chance, do take some time to look at the published rates for per participant joining one of the tour groups that would visit the World Expo 2010 Shanghai China. Many of the tour groups visiting the World Expo 2010 can be considered value-for-money if you take into considerations of the following:

1) Flight tickets to Shanghai, including the taxes, can cost quite a fair bit at this point in time.
2) Booking of hotels in Shanghai can pose to be challenge if we were to book the hotels on our own. Tour groups help ensure one has a decent hotel room to stay in.
3) A standard day ticket to World Expo 2010 would costs 150 RMB. I figured it ended up value-for-money to join a tour group to visit the World Expo.
4) Tour groups have their transportation to World Expo 2010 arranged for their participants. This is important for people who are visiting China for the very first time.
5) Tour leaders tend to give members of the tour group some good tips to refer to.
6) Many of the tour packages that include a day of visit to the World Expo also includes visits to other parts of China.
7) I noticed that tour groups get slightly faster acccess at certain entry points of the World Expo since tour groups can use the group-admission queues.

 Tour buses waiting at one of the many large carparks.

 In many ways, I believe that much hospitality and goodwill could have been extended by the Chinese government to make it so affordable for residents of Singapore to visit the World Expo. Do your sums please and you may realise so.
The trade-offs are that:
1) Tour groups tend to ask its participants to wake up at pretty early hours so as to be early-birds. Just please trust that this is done in the best interest of the collective.
2) Visiting the World Expo 2010 with a tour group means that one is likely to be bound by the time restrictions set by the tour and is not likely to spend the entire day at the World Expo.
3) Actually, one day isn't enough for a visitor who is visiting Shanghai with the primary objective of participating in the World Expo. So for those who prefers to spend more time participating in the World Expo, they may wish to consider packages that allow them to have 3-days or 7-days visit to the World Expo. For the hard-core ones who wants to see each and every pavilions in depth, maybe they have to move to stay in Shanghai for at least three months.
4) On the whole, tour groups are likely to bound its participants to the designated itinerary, thus people who prefers more flexibility may prefer to go for free-and-easy tours which may cost considerably more than going with the tour groups.

"Little Mermaid" statue from Copenhagen. 
I had only managed to take a peep of it from the entrance of the Denmark Pavilion due to time factor.

My disclaimer to this post is that this may be a biased review since I have not visited the World Expo on my own, without joining a tour group.

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