Monday, September 06, 2010

Hong Zi Ji and more food

It was 18 May 2010. My mother and I were on a tour to Shanghai and various other parts of China. After our visit to the Shanghai World Financial Centre, if I recall correctly, we had lunch at Hong Zi Ji, a restaurant that literally means as "Hong Zi Chicken". This restaurant, I was told, is one of the famous restaurant establishments in Shanghai. Generally, I was satisfied with the food at the restaurant. It is most famous for its chicken dish. One interesting feature of this restaurant is that the waiters and waitresses wear roller skates. I suppose they wish to serve the food as promptly as possible?

I pretty much like the vegetarian dish which was meant to imitate the Western pork chop. It is served with sweet and sauce sauce. I like its crispy texture.

I cannot quite remember the itinerary of the day. Anyway, we had went to an establishment that provides Feng Shui related services. Subsequently, in the evening, we had a healthy and nutritious meal at a Traditional Chinese Medicine establishment which kindly hosted us with a free dinner. The soups were good, and I like them.

Dinner on 18 May 2010.

I had not been travelling on package tours for a long time, and it seemed that the tour I had went for had a number of destinations that were related to getting us tourists to shop. Personally, I have learnt from this trip to stay clear-minded so as to only buy what I need and not on impulse. Spending is not saving, even if I was told that certain items are cheaper in China than if I were to buy them in Singapore.

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