Saturday, August 06, 2011

The great way to fly to Sydney

Thanks to the contest "100 Things that make Sydney so ... Sydney" organised by Tourism New South Wales in partnership with Singapore Airlines, I had the great opportunity to take my mother to Sydney for a Mother's Day vacation. We flew by Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines is a choice airline to fly to Sydney in.

Service was wonderful and the members of the crew were very thoughtful. For example, on one occasion, I decided against taking drinking water when it was offered to me. However, I later regretted my decision. The air-stewardess must have some wonderful sixth sense, she graciously asked "Would you like to change your mind on the drinking water?", and that gave me a nice avenue to ask for drinking water with a sense of pleasure that it was perfectly alright to change my mind.

The food that was served was also delicious. I like the ham with cream potato salad that was served on my flight back to Singapore. The roasted chicken served with mushrooms sauce, assorted vegetables and Lyonnaise potato pleased my palate. The cheese and cracker was also a delightful treat.

The Kris World in-flight entertainment was excellent. I watched Toy Story 3 while I was on the way back to Singapore. I also watched a few documentaries.

More importantly, the seats on the A380 were comfortable, roomy and spacious. I have had a sweet slumber on the flight on my way to Sydney from Singapore.

The next time whenever my budget permits, Singapore Airlines will be the choice airline!

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All the photos on this post were taken using a Canon Digital IXUS 1000HS camera.


Jammie J. said...

That meal actually DOES look good, and healthy, too.

oceanskies79 said...

Jammie, yes, it was. :)