Friday, August 12, 2011

Sydney, May 2011

Once again, my words of thanks to Tourism New South Wales for organising the contest "100 Things that make Sydney so ... Sydney" in partnership with Singapore Airlines. My winning entry to the contest gave me the opportunity to visit Sydney in May 2011 and experience autumn in Sydney. I was in Sydney in time for one of my friends' wedding, to celebrate Mother's Day with my mother who visited Sydney with me, and to spend my birthday in Sydney.

Many thanks to Oaks Goldsbrough for sponsoring three nights of accommodation. I have enjoyed my stay!

The photographs from my visit are made possible thanks to Canon for awarding me with a Canon IXUS 1000HS camera.

Here is a compilations of related posts of my visit to Sydney in May 2011:

My visit to Sydney, May 2011
5 May 2011: Arrival at Sydney and the lunch at BBQ King
6 May 2011: Our breakfast at Bills
6 May 2011: The Royal Botanic Gardens' Aboriginal Heritage Tour
6 May 2011: Rose Bay
6 May 2011: Memorable Watsons Bay
6 May 2011: The rest of the day
7 May 2011: The Scenic Wine Tasting Tour by the Red Carpet Tours
What I have learnt from the wine tasting sessions
7 May 2011: Delicious wanton noodles at Supermeal Chinese Restaurant
The Buddha's Birthday Festival
8 May 2011: Bourke Street Bakery
8 May 2011: A loving day
9 May 2011: The Sydney Fish Market Behind the Scenes Tour
9 May 2011: A tour of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music
9 May 2011: My third Sydney Opera House Essential Tour
9 May 2011: The awesome view from Pylon Lookout
9 May 2011: The lucky rainbow that I saw
9 May 2011: The Sydney Tower and the walk in the skies
9 May 2011: A superb dinner with friends
10 May 2011: Sydney Highlights and Bondi Beach Gray Line Tours
10 May 2011: 3-2-1 Spin!
10 May 2011: The Justice and Police Museum
10 May 2011: Korean lunch
10 May 2011: Time alone at Circular Quay
10 May 2011: Magistic Cruisesmart
My many servings of breakfast
10 May 2011: Sydney Wildlife World
10 May 2011: Sydney Aquarium
Sketching Sydney
11 May 2011: The Hyde Park fantasy
The free 555 shuttle bus
11 May 2011: Mamak Delight
A great fit for me: Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments
11 May 2011: Sydney Airport looking brand new
Travelling on the Sydney Monorail and Light Rail
The great way to fly to Sydney

My favourite places in Sydney are Watsons Bay and the Sydney Opera House.

The weather in Sydney had been very kind to me. I am still feeling grateful for the many good things that have came by. Thanks!


Jammie J. said...

What a great adventure you had! You really packed a lot into that trip. :)

oceanskies79 said...

Thanks Jammie, it was a special trip since I celebrated Mother's Day, my birthday and my good friend's wedding on that trip.