Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Travelling on the Sydney Monorail and Light Rail

I was consciously aware that it would be necessary to minimize walking on foot as I was travelling with my mother during my recent vacation in Sydney. I would have enjoyed walking on foot even if it meant tolerating long distances on my feet. Then again, to make the trip a pleasant one for my mother, it helped a lot that I was conscious to minimize walking. Travelling about using the Monorail and Light Rail was a great solution to minimizing walking.

As our accommodation, the Oaks Goldsbrough Apartments, was located next to the Convention Monorail and Light Rail stations, I got myself and my mother a MetroConnect card (which is basically a 7-Day Monorail and Light Rail combined ticket) each. This proved to allow us convenient travel on both the Monorail and Light Rail at an affordable rate.

A 7-Day Monorail and Light Rail combined ticket costs AUS$30.00 (correct as of the time of publication) and can only be purchased on the Light Rail.

My mother took the Light Rail or the Monorail to travel to Chinatown even though it was within a fair walking distance. The Light Rail had also saved us a lot of walking when we visited the Sydney Fish Market during one of the days.

Light Rail.

On the Light Rail.

At the end of my trip, I was pretty pleased that I had the foresight to travel on the Sydney Monorail and Light Rail using the MetroConnect card with my mother. That meant a good deal of travelling at an affordable cost.

Sydney Monorail and Light Rail

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