Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Asking for a get-away

I could not quite sleep well last night, and now I am feeling awfully tired. My eyes have been tearing from tiredness for most part of the evening. It did not help improve matter when my head is giving me the aches.

I am tempted to ask for a get-away. Sometimes I wonder, what gives me the momentum to move on in life? There were times when I would feel bitterly out-of-sync with the world. How do I find the balance?


mistipurple said...

malaysia is a really lovely place to go for a short break. some parts not too modern. i like. i feel that i can breathe better there.

oceanskies79 said...

Will it be safe enough for me to go there alone?

mistipurple said...

KL seems ok to me. i think moving in safe places should be alright and definitely no remote out of the norm nooks. having said that, i do miss malaysia. been there long ago, and then recently, i have not changed my mind about that place. singapore is getting too clinical for me. too cold.
but of course, i am not qualified to comment on other places, simply because i have not been anywhere else.