Friday, September 07, 2007

A day of break from work

I took a day of leave from work. I had hoped that my injured finger would have healed completly by today, but it has yet to. Anyway, despite the finger not being as strong as I would like it to, I went ahead with my practices on the double bass. It is just that instead of practising continuously for hours and hours, I would take breaks in between so that I could let the finger rest.

I wish for good health.

I am not feeling as anxious over the upcoming music exam as compared to the music examination that I had a year ago. Perhaps it is because I have prepared for this exams for more than a year. I can fully agree that it is important to dedicate time to lay the groundwork than to practise last minute. Nevertheless, I am still feeling some sense of anxieties because it will be my first time entering for a music exams that has a Viva Voce component. I also keep my fingers crossed that I would be able to manage the Quick Study section where I have to perform a short piece of previously unseen music. More importantly, may I be in better condition to play my best by the date of the exams.

By the way, it has been quite challenging to get hold of publishers to ask for permission to make a copy of the scores for the examiners' reference just for the exams. I have done what I can, I just ask if they could please respond to me soon.

Meantime, I shall put aside time to do a last proof-read of my programme notes for the exam, before doing more readings to prepare for the Viva Voce component. Actually, it is a pleasure to do research on the works that I will be playing. I only wish I could have more time.


pinkie said...

Am sure you can do it! Jia You! :)

eastcoastlife said...

Your finger is not fully healed yet? Oh no. I wish you luck. I'm sure you are well=prepared.