Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Patience paid off

After many correspondences and much patience, I have finally received my favourable replies from the two publishers. This sets me on a good footing for the upcoming music examinations.

It pleased me greatly when I learnt I had spoken to Rodney Slatford over the phone (I had to call overseas to make enquiries). He has been very helpful. Rodney Slatford is one double bassists that I admire for his contributions to the field of double bass music. Read more about him here: http://www.yorkedition.co.uk/bio.htm

Meantime, thank you very much for all your well-wishes, support and cheers.


mistipurple said...

wow, and wow again.
congrats for managing to get him.

Anonymous said...

That's good news. Good way to start off the week :)

eastcoastlife said...

Ooo... congrats.

How's your ankle now? Why so careless? Didn't you see Master Goh?

Take care. Best wishes for your exams.

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: :)

Tigerfish: It sure is. :)

ECL: I just went to see Master Goh today....looks like I can take off the bandage in 3 days time.

Thanks for the wishes.