Friday, December 15, 2006

All I want is to play the double bass

Today is a day of playing on the double bass and more playing. But I love it anyway, despite my not-so-optimal health.

It can be physically demanding to play the double bass, but it is this very aspect that makes it challenging, though at times, tiring. I love the vibrations of the double bass whenever I play on it. The vibrations just feel as if they were rocking every single cell of the body. It suppose the vibrations are good massage for the soul and the body.

Yesterday, I could not help but sang double bass parts out aloud in public on my way home from my music theory classes. If you were to hear me singing out aloud at times, maybe that was because I wanted to hear how the parts may sound.

I wish I could have a few more such days of playing on the double bass intensively.

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Simple American said...

I wish you could too. A toast to making the best of the time you do have for playing your double bass.