Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Shutting down

Shut down
Tired out
My entire world
Feels as if it's a wiped out


mistipurple said...

wish you can have a day or two, away from here. short trip, recharge. or stay home, switch off. don't walk too much. just switch off your mind. and relax.
see a doc, a good doc. sometimes it takes time to meet a suitable doctor. you don't need to suffer this long you know? if it's wrong doc, by gut feeling, don't bother and doc hop a little. you are wise enough to spot a good one. don't just take any doc's medicine for medicine's sake. searching for the right doc takes time. some comes from recommendations. hang in there little girl. you will pull yourself out of this. be strong till then ok?

Simple American said...

Sending you an energetic hug. Take some vitamins too!!!

M said...

Shutting down is good sometimes... when I'm in a similar situation, I plan a simple road trip for rejuvenation. Perhaps a trip alone to a nice beach resort, accompanied with a good book and even your camera to compose a photo essay?

pinkie said...

tired? sleep? good nite :)