Saturday, December 30, 2006

Yummy peanuts

(Hainan 2006)

The peanuts from the Hainan village also tasted very good. Fresh, that is the word. Crunchy too. When the peanuts were shelled and roasted, they tasted fragrant. I cannot help but to do justice to the yummy peanuts by writing a short post on the peanuts.

Being hospitable, my aunts offered to roast fresh peanuts for my parents and myself to take back to Singapore. How lovely of them!

In order to prepare the fresh roasted peanuts for us, my aunt and my paternal grandmother had to remove the shells of the peanuts. After which, I realised that there is actually a lot of care being put into making these roasted peanuts. When I helped out with the removal of the shells of the peanuts, I realised that after the shells were removed, the peanuts which were of too small a size were being removed as well. According to one of my aunts, because of their size, the peanuts that are too small tend to get burnt during the process of roasting. Indirectly, their being burnt would affect the taste of the general batch of peanuts.

Perhaps the lesson to be learnt is: The small things do matter.

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