Sunday, December 17, 2006

Spring cleaning

I decided to do a bit of tidying up to my book shelves today. Call it spring cleaning if you would like, but it was merely restricted to the book shelves and no more.

To be honest, the main motivation to tidy my book shelves is so that I could have enough place to keep my collection of double bass scores and books in a neater order. Anyway, it is high time that I do some tidying up.

I am expecting a few more additions to my collection, and am keeping my fingers crossed that my recent order of double bass scores from an online source would come soon.

Right now, I am feeling a little down. It is raining right now and I don't feel like going out in this weather. Which means that I have time to continue tidying up the book shelves.


mistipurple said...

stay home and tidy and then sleep!!!! nice weather eh?

oceanskies79 said...

ok. I have tidied the shelves. at least my collection of double bass scores and books look neater now.