Monday, December 11, 2006

Promenade concert

I have had a good time at the Singapore Symphony Orchestra's Adults Proms concert on a recent Saturday evening.

According to The Little Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus, a promenade concert is a concert where part of the audience is not seated and can move about. That was what I did, together with many more members of the audience, at one part of the concert.

The orchestra did not play absolutely perfect notes throughout the concert, but it played well that evening. Perhaps the informal setting of the concert had made the musicians play more spontaneously, and that resulted in music that touches and rocks? Perhaps the act of trying to be perfect when one is fallible actually constrains? In short, it was one of the more enjoyable and fun concert that I have had attended. The musicians simply just strive to have fun, and then, infectiously, the audience could feel the fun and joy of music-making.

Each member of the audience also received a copy of the booklet: Sound & Sense at the Symphony: A Beginner's Guide to Music Appreciation. It gave a good overview to music appreciation.

Peter Moore, the conductor for the concert, has a charming and humorous personality that has made the concert such an interesting one to listen to, whether one is an absolute beginner to classical music, or a lover of classical music.

I wonder if there would be yet another promenade concert held in the near future. If there is, I would like to invite a few of my friends who are absolute beginners to classical music (but keen to know more) to learn more about the beauty of classical music. Actually, classical music isn't as hard to understand as some may have perceived. Classical music can be engaging and exciting.

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