Monday, December 11, 2006

Before the marathon

I am feeling a sense of confusion and slight emptiness. Mixed feelings have been running in me for the past weeks, but I could not quite exactly put them to words that fit the vocabularly of what I term the "outside world". Whatever it is, I thank the folks in the outside world for bearing with my idiosyncrasies.

Meantime, I have lots of things to share about on this blog. About my weekend, about the Singapore Symphony Orchestra's Adults Proms concert that I had attended, about my visit to the National Museum of Singapore yet again and quite a bit more. I have no idea if I could have the energy and the time to write about it all. No to mention, I haven't even completed writing about my recent trip to Hainan, China yet!

I would like to believe that writing can be therapeutic. On part of me seeks to relate to the world my own way of looking at the world. Yet another part of me is uncertain if there might be a high price to pay for letting the outside world into my world. Then again, perhaps taking (calculated) risks to share one's thoughts and worldview is an evitable part of living? Perhaps the price of allowing one to be understood is to take the risk to share a bit about oneself?

Before I attempt the blogging marathon (a short one perhaps), I shall write a footnote: Read not from your point of view but from mine.

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Simple American said...

I find writing is very therapeutic. It is nice to have good music movie it along too.