Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hammock to rest after lunch

(Hainan 2006)

Outside the house, there were hammocks made of ropes.

The hammocks came very handy on the afternoon after the feast. It was a very hot day. The hammocks were positioned under the trees where all the shade were. It was as such, no surprise that several of my relatives found themselves a spot under the shade, on the hammock, to rest.

I was quite impressed by the craftwork that went into making the hammock. One could have quite a good short nap while resting on the sturdy hammock.


mistipurple said...

hey! you sketched this? please post more of your sketches ya!! i love it!

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Misti. I did not sketch this. The second picture was a product of a photo-editing software.

My sketches tend to be my stylistic than realistic, and I haven't been sketching for quite a while, on my sketchbook.

Simple American said...

That must have been nice. A nap anywhere would be good now though. :P