Friday, December 08, 2006

Lunch on 10 Nov 2006

(Hainan 2006)

Earlier, you might have read about the Preparation of the Feast. Now, here's snippets of the food that were eaten during the feast.

Since I was in Hainan, the feast would not be complete without the Hainanese Mutton Soup. The mutton was one of the freshest and tastiest mutton that I have ever eaten.

While I was in Hainan, I had yet to hear any dish that is called Hainan Chicken Rice. However, I have heard that Wenchang Chicken is quite a well-known dish there.

One of my relatives told me that the vegetable dish that you see on the table is cooked in the Hainanese way. I love vegetables.

I also got to eat a kind of rice-cake which you would see in the photos below. Accordingly to what I vaguely remember, this rice-cake symbolised the link between one and one's place-of-origin. I was told that this is the item that I must eat.

It tasted good, and is handy to carry.

I did not count how many people had came for the feast but there should be at least ten households.


Simple American said...

You really ate good PY. The rice cake does look attractive.

oceanskies79 said...

Thanks to Jaymes 007, I finally recalled that the rice-cake is called lup in Hainanese.