Friday, December 15, 2006

Holiday is around the corner

My health feels as if it is declining, and it may take some time before it picks up. Meantime, holiday is around the corner. I don't quite like the crowd that gathers during the festive season. Now I would try to avoid going to where the crowd is going. If there is anything I would like from the festive season, it might be some time away from the noises and the fast pace of life.

Meantime, wish you a peaceful and rewarding festive season.

A photo of a pink Christmas tree (taken at Cathay building, Singapore) to share with all.

And a personality test related to the holiday season:

You Are Somewhat Mature

Although you may feel Grinch-like at times, it's just because you're worn out from the holidays.
You get into the holiday spirit more than most people - and you truly enjoy celebrating with your family and friends.

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Simple American said...

Bet Pinkie will like that tree. :)

Hurts my eyes. lol