Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lion goes Israel

Lion has made a recent trip to Israel, and he has posted some great photos up on his blog.

Here's a quote:

Israel itself was awesome. The places and history of the place is good in and of itself. But the spiritual aspect made it that much more affecting. To have walked where Jesus walked and seen some of the things He may have seen. Words just cannot describe the emotions. We also vitited some sites of historic battles (past and present). And in each place God showed his promise to His people,Israel.
I just love Israel. Mainly because they are God's Chosen people. Those that bless them are blessed, and those that curse them are cursed. The fact that the nation of Israel even exist in its form is a miracle in itself. Surrounded by hostile enemies on every side, it has been put to the sword by every great power and empire in human history. Yet somehow the beautiful nation still exist to take its rightful place in the world.

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Simple American said...

Israel is an example of God's grace and dependability to man.