Saturday, December 30, 2006

Fresh vegetables

(Hainan 2006)

One thing I particularly like about my visit to the Hainan village (the hometown of my father) was that I had the privilege to eat fresh vegetables for every meal when I was there.

I was told that the vegetables that I had eaten there were mostly grown by hand by my relatives on a plot of land. The vegetables there are one of the freshest I have eaten. I heard from my relatives that no chemical was used to cultivate these vegetables. Home-grown food tasted good.

My liking for the vegetables there could clearly be seen at the dining table. For every meal, I would help myself to extra helping of the vegetables. I suppose having the access to fresh vegetables, right from the fields, can be quite a privilege to city-dwellers like myself? However, fresh vegetables really taste good. My wishful thinking is telling me: perhaps in time to come, every home in the city could have access to a small plot of land to grow their own vegetables?

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