Saturday, December 16, 2006

The music camp

For my dear readers who have read my recent posts carefully enough, you may have realised that I took leave from work from 13 - 15 Dec 06. This was partly so that I could take part in the music camp organised for the university orchestra that I play for.

One of the reasons was that I would need a break from the work routine so as to recharge myself, and engaging in music-related activities was the answer. The main reason was to practise with the folks from the double bass quartet, and our tutor would be present to teach.

I simply love the double bass sectional with our tutor earlier this Wednesday. If you have missed my post on that sectional, you could check out Ensemble Playing.

In the afternoon, it was a thoughtful idea to give the orchestra members a tour to the library that sits just within the Conservatory. On this tour, I managed to get a glimpse of the library for the first time. I've also learnt how to use the library's online catalogue to search for music related publications.

Outside the library

Later in the evening, the orchestra resumed its orchestra rehearsal after a month's break. I had thought that we would play Beethoven's 6th symphony, but it turned out that we were playing one of Sibelius' symphonies. I am very biased, I prefer Beethoven's symphonies to Sibelius' symphonies. I could relate better to the former.

After the orchestra rehearsal, the committee organised a movie marathon event. Lake House was shown. I have never watched it, but I have watched a Korean show that has a similar plot. As such, after watching some of it, I decided to excuse myself to head for home.

Although the music camp continued on 14 Dec 06, I did not attend the camp that day as I have other matters to attend to.

Friday was spent trying to wait for one of the members from the quartet. I hope I was successful in not being harsh with this very member. He was very late (slightly more than 2 hours) for rehearsal. When he finally arrived, I reminded him to be punctual in the future. I hope giving such gentle reminder rather than giving a harsh scolding would work for him. Afterall, I hope this fellow could learn and develop good habits so that people can view him as a dependable and responsible person. Of course, it is up to him whether he intends to be so. Anyway, double bass ensemble practices with him was productive, and I can hear that he has made improvements.

That aside, if anyone has a chance to experience how insistent I can be on certain issues, I think I may earn myself a notorious reputation for being a tyrant at times. But well, I rather not explain myself. Perhaps I've learnt to trust that someday I might be understood.

In the evening, I attended an event organised for the various arts groups. It was quite interesting to find out about the other arts groups.

The best part that the camp had to offer was that I have all the reason to play on the double bass! I think I must have practised at least four hours on the double bass yesterday. I am unlikely to spend so much time on the double bass on a normal week-day (since I will be at work).


pinkie said...

good tat u had a break away from work :) sometimes people just ought to be 'reminded'... am sure others agree with you...

mistipurple said...

wow. a constructive day!