Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas day out

Before meeting my friends, SH and JY, I went to check out the PageOne bookstore at VivoCity, Singapore. It was my very first time visiting VivoCity. In the morning at about 11 a.m., it was still a bearable place to be in. I managed to get myself a book containing double bass solo from the store. Thanks to Emz for giving me the tip about PageOne.

We had lunch at Food Republic, at VivoCity. I have SH and JY to thank for they were obliging to my request to try out the Food Republic. I somehow had a craving for the Thunder Rice Tea, and I knew beforehand that there was an outlet selling Thunder Rice Tea there. If you were to ask me, I would still prefer the Thunder Rice Tea outlet at China Square. The prices are cheaper at the China Square outlet. Furthermore, I find the Thunder Rice Tea set served at VivoCity quite oily for my taste.

After lunch, we walked about VivoCity a bit and took some photos. By that time, I could notice that there was quite a bit of a crowd at VivoCity.

Later, we had refreshments at Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant and had some time catching up with one another. It has been a pleasure to be in company of friends. I got to find out today that SH is a Hainanese, like myself.

Around 2 p.m., we parted for the day. I went to check out PageOne. PageOne just felt like one of the quieter corners of VivoCity, and I badly needed a respite from the crowd and the noise.

While VivoCity struck me as an impressive mega-mall with fairly interesting retail shops, it was way too crowded today for my liking and comfort. the architecture felt impressive and intuitive. However, the acoustic of the place just felt not right. I felt as if all the noises and sounds in the building had been magnified such that my ears felt rather uncomfortable while I was in the building. The noises seemed to made me feel unwell after too much exposure to it. Reflecting, I am beginning to suspect that too much exposure to noises can make me feel sick. If I were to visit VivoCity again, I shall try to visit it during the non-peak hours.

Later in the afternoon, I visited my grandmother. Maybe the noises had gotten me unwell? I felt quite drained that I asked to take a nap at my grandmother's place.

Dinner was good. Home-cooked food by my grandmother has made dinner a good one.

Meantime, hope your Christmas day has been a pleasant one.

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