Saturday, December 16, 2006

The mysterious piano player revealed

Yesterday, on my way out from home, I met this kind-looking and friendly Chinese lady in the lift. We took the lift together and she started initiating a chat. After a while, she found out the unit that I live in and she shared that she lives exactly on the unit right above mine!

My ears were right! There was indeed a piano player living on the unit right above mine. It was definitely not my imagination. While my parents could not hear the piano playing, I could do so. I could not help but to find out who the piano player was. The lady revealed to me that her son plays the piano. Mystery solved.

I reckon that her son must be fairly younger because this lady looked young, probably she's just around my age. I unintentionally remarked that I could hear the piano playing from my unit, but reassured her it wasn't loud.

When we reached the ground floor, we parted. After that, I could not help but think that I should have been clearly to her. I just hope that she doesn't misinterpret that my remarks were telling to her son to stop playing the piano or lower their volume. I should have tell her that I in fact don't mind hearing the sound of her son playing the piano. I also wished I could have the chance to tell her that her son needn't be too self-conscious about the volume of his piano playing, for actually, none of my family members (except myself) could hear it from our unit!

In addition, I wished I had a bit more time to let her know that it is a joy to play music, and that she is a thoughtful mother in that she gives her son the chance to experience this joy.

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Simple American said...

Good. Mystery solved. :)

Don't worry about the mom too much. I am sure she understands what you meant.