Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ensemble playing

Despite feeling sleepy and half-awake most of yesterday, I have had a great time learning during the double bass sectional with my orchestra's double bass tutor. It has been our greatest blessing to have him as our tutor.

Folks, if you would like to support me and my friends from the double bass section for our upcoming performance, please keep 10 Jan 2007 (Wed) evening free. We will be putting up a double bass ensemble (a quartet) in the university that very evening. There will also be items put up by other chamble groups from our orchestra that day. Please feel free to mark your calendar accordingly. More details shall be posted at a later date after I get my hands on them.

As one of the players from our quartet could not be present yesterday, we had the honour to have our tutor stand in for that player and play with us for the sectionals.

Our dear tutor gave us helpful tips on how we could practise for the double bass ensemble. Here are some that I have listed down from whatever I had remembered:

1) Practise the accompaniment with the bass first. The bow strokes and articulation of the accompaniment should be the same. The strokes should be short, light, and clear. The bassline could be louder. The middle parts should generally play light strokes. After the accompaniment and bass are playing satisfactorily, add the solo (melody).

2) Observe the dynamic changes.

3) For works that involve synocopation, practise each section, part by part.

4) Players playing the melody and counter-melody parts should find time to practise with each other and learn to play as an ensemble, without the accompaniment.

Well, if there is anything that I have missed, my dear fellow section mates could add on.

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