Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Some time for reading

When I reached home tonight, I have this thought of reducing the time that I spent online so that I have a bit more time to read. There are quite a number of books that I wish to but have yet to read. It's time to catch up on reading.

On the other hand, perhaps because I prefer to write than to speak, being online to blog and to engage in discussion on internet messenger have become ways for myself to connect with others.

Would my attempts to reduce time online mean less time to connect with others? Jokingly, I questioned myself whether I might even experience withdrawal symptoms if I were to spend less time online? I start to ask, since everyone has only 24 hours per day, how do we make the best out of our daily 24 hours? How does one prioritise? How does one maximise?

But then again, maybe in a fast-paced society where there is a tendency to try to do more within lesser time, it may help to step out of the framework, and be simple and just do what really matters?


Simple American said...

Must agree. Look into your heart and see what really matters. That is what you should choose to do.


M said...

Yes, look deep in and believe in yourself :) Although I'd advocate reading anytime :)