Thursday, December 14, 2006

Double bass lesson

Instead of working on pieces for the DipABRSM exams like I usually did, I took a break and worked on the double bass solo part for one of the double bass ensemble items that I will be playing next January.

My double bass tutor, MJ, was flexible enough to work on Tchaikovsky's Neopolitan Dance (from Swan Lake) with me for almost the entire lesson. My tutor reminded me to be mindful of my posture so that I don't unnecessary strain my lower back. We also worked on right-hand techniques that are relevant to this particular piece. In addition, my tutor gave suggestions on how to play this piece without having to work my left-hand unnecessarily too hard. I am actually guilty of working too hard on my left-hand many of times, and have to learn to relax while playing.

It came to my mind that the challenge of playing the double bass is probably that of multi-tasking. In addition to playing the right fingerings on the left-hand, the right-hand has to draw the bow so as to obtain the appropriate strokes. In addition, one has to be mindful of the rhythm, the quality of the sound, the intonation, the articulation, the phrasing and more. I suppose this challenge of multi-tasking applies to folks playing other musical instruments.

Anyway, I love double bass lesson because there is always something new to learn each time. It brought some delight to a day which I have been feeling drained.

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pinkie said...

yeah, music is able to perk us up somehow... and do take care of your back, I wouldn't know how to handle it really, I'm a shortie, it's too big for me :)