Thursday, December 07, 2006

Health is wealth

Is it that my age is catching up on me? I felt so tired in the late afternoon and almost felt like skipping the music theory class in the evening.

I am feeling a little better today. The leg muscle cramps have left me. However, after lunch today, I had a headache. My way to relieve the headache was to massage my head with my fingers and to comb the hair. I hope these methods would work.

I keep my fingers crossed that I would keep healthy. I was already sneezing several times today. That is not good sign.

All I shall ask for in this post is good health. Good health is wealth. Wishing everyone good health.


Simple American said...

Have you seen an allergist?

dreaming-neko said...

good health doesn't come for free! you have to work for it :)

M said...

Agree... gotta work for good health. perhaps you should examine your sleeping patterns and diet even?

Anyway, here's wishing good health to you just the same.