Thursday, April 27, 2006

Value for money

Thursday has been my music theory day. While I personally do not go to Toa Payoh (the name of a housing estate in Singapore) most of the time, I could be found there on Thursdays because the music school in which I take my music theory classes is located there.

I realised that I often have my dinner at Koh San Japanese Food located at Toa Payoh HDB Centre's Koufu food court on almost every Thursday evening before the music theory classes.

Firstly, I admit I have a fancy for Japanese food. Secondly, I like sashimi, and it is one of those Japanese food stalls in a food court that sells reasonably good and well-priced sashimi. I think it has a very competitive and value-for-money price for its nice sashimi. The sashimi is sliced with care and with skill. Thirdly, for a food stall located within a food court, it has a nice and interesting stall layout. If one were to sit nearby the stall, one could even watch the process of the sashimi being sliced, and the making of the sushi and handrolls. I find that interesting.

By the way, if I remember correctly, this stall has been voted to be the number one in culinary skills among the many stalls of that food court.

The service is also attentive. What more to ask for? If one has a fancy for a value-added Japanese set meal and wishes to keep within a budget of S$10, this is one of the great places to patronise.

It is of no surprise that I had my dinner there again this evening before my music theory class. Ah...I am still savouring the taste of today's serving of sashimi, even after the dinner.


Simple American said...

We had sushi Tuesday. Every now and then I just need this. Especially with wasabi.

goldilocks said...


oceanskies79 said...

SA: I like wasabi.

JY: Yes. Yummy