Sunday, December 17, 2006

Eating Well: Thunder Tea Rice

On a Saturday, before I attended the Adults' Prom Concert, I had dinner at China Square Food Centre. There were quite a number of choices, but I decided to try something new to me. It was the Thunder Tea Rice that I decided to try. According to one of the posters at the stall, the Thunder Tea Rice is a traditional Hakka dish.

I had wanted to order the brown rice version but was told that the brown rice was not available yet. As such, I ordered a bowl of the white rice version of the Thunder Tea Rice. That cost $3. I also ordered a piece of Hakka Toufu that cost $0.50 each.

The bowl of rice was tasty and has a fairly nice texture. I love the vegetables and the nuts that were in it. The vegetables and other ingredients in bowl of rice were sliced to smaller size, making it easy to chew. I like the cruncy texture of the nuts and vegetables especially.

That was my first time trying the Thunder Tea. The tea has a minty flavour because of the basil and mint in it. According to a short write-up on the Thunder Tea, the basil and mint have anti-stress properties and can aid relaxation. In addition, a few of the ingredients have the properties of easing digestion. I must say that the Thunder Tea Rice does work in improving one's digestion.

Actually, I did not quite get used to the taste of the Thunder Tea when I first tried it. I felt the taste of the tea was a little raw for my liking. As such, I did not finish the tea when I tried it for the first time in my life.

However, yesterday, I was at China Square Food Centre and tried the Thunder Tea Rice again for the second time. I found myself enjoying the plain, raw taste of the tea. In a world whereby there are too much artificially flavouring, the tea's natural and raw taste turned out to be a refreshing one after my tastebuds have accustomed themselves to the new taste. Moral of the story: If you didn't like the taste of Thunder Tea at first, try it again, you may surprise yourself.

Yesterday, when I was at the China Square Food Centre, I tried the brown rice version of the Thunder Tea Rice, and I simply love it. I would prefer the brown rice to the white rice version. The brown rice version cost $3.50 per bowl. Whatever it is, I think the Thunder Tea Rice is a nutritious, healthy, tasty and affordable choice to have. It is a humble-looking dish, but I would say that it is certainly a healthy choice. You may wish to check it out.

For my blog friends, if you want a companion to try this out on a weekend, let me know.

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Marc said...

Thunder Tea sounds like an awfully potent concoction.Powerful stuff I'd reckon