Monday, May 14, 2007

Mystic and yours truly's tour of the National Stadium

I shall dedicate the following two posts to one of my good friends, Mystic, who have accompanied me to the National Stadium on 5 May 2007 for the Stadium Tour:

Tour of the National Stadium
Tour of the National Stadium, Part 2

After the tour, Mystic treated me to lunch and oneh oneh (our dessert after the lunch). The oneh oneh was just average, but Mystic's sincerity did perfect wonders to make yours truly pleased with the dessert that came after the lunch. Thank you Mystic.

oneh oneh

And yes, Mystic was very kind to oblige to my request of stopping by Kallang Theatre so that I could take some photographs of the exterior of the building. That, I was very thankful for. It somehow allowed me to reminisce my good old memories of Kallange Theatre.


eastcoastlife said...

They are pulling down the old National Stadium. So much of change. So much of waste. Our gahmen treat us people like old buildings too. Old already must remove, if not eye-sores. haiz....

pinkie said...

your pictures are so well-taken! Ever consider what can you do with your talent?

oceanskies79 said...

Eastcoastlife: Hopefully there would be a museum at the new sports hub to remind people of the good old memories of the current National Stadium. Let's hope this change would be a change for the better.

oceanskies79 said...

Pinkie: Thank you very much for your compliments. It brought a smile on my face.

When the time is right, I shall look out for opportunities to travel about, write and take photo. Before that, it would be good to learn to take more engaging photos from a good mentor.

Simple American said...

Well you know I agree with Pinkie. You have quite an eye.