Monday, May 14, 2007

A YouTube video that makes me feel envious

Jason Heath has posted a post titled 16 year old Swedish bassist plays Capuzzi with orchestra. I happen to have been practising the first movement of Capuzzi's Concerto in G major for the past few weeks, so the YouTube video certainly caught my attention when I saw it being posted on Jason Heath's blog.

Somehow, watching the lady plays make me envious. She has an entire orchestra to play the concerto with her! I think she has done a pretty good job for her age. The cadenza that she played was interesting.

For one thing, I was inspired to play this work with an orchestra. More practice meantime.


mistipurple said...

you might have the chance one day ya? never know! :)

Simple American said...

Why not? Agree with misti! :)

Marc said...

For sure. You will get your shot and when that happens I'm sure somebody will make sure the moment's immortalized on the internet. ;)

eastcoastlife said...

Give me the details of your concert at the Esplanade, I do a post on my blog. Email me.

Plus sign up at and ping your post to the site to publicise the concert.