Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The sensations of stress

Are these sensations of stress?
Feeling that pins of numbness
Are striking the chest and abdomen

The throat feels tight
The hands are clenched
Breathe gets shallow
And an uneasy feeling

And while playing music helps
I am now too physically tired
And mentally exhausted to even practise

Would things get better?
I certainly hope so.


mistipurple said...

er, sleep, don't practise. you're tired. *hugs*

Simple American said...

You need sleep dear. And a good meal. :)

Marc said...

enjoy your practice and take lots of breaks. ha ha look who's talking

goldilocks said...

yes, those seem like signs of stress. what are you working on that is unfamiliar to you, that makes you stressed?

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: Practising can help relieve the stress leh...anyway, I slept in the end.

SA: Yup.

M: I would like some breaks.

JY: Yah. Too much workload.... Actually I can get by without doing top quality work, but really, if something is to be done, it is worth doing it good enough.

Practising actually relieves stress....