Saturday, May 19, 2007

Week 20 of year 2007 on the double bass

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13 May 2007, Sun: I spent more than an hour practising Marcello's Sonata in e minor, first movement of Capuzzi's Concerto in G major and Murray "Doc" Solomon (2002) Sentimental Bossa. It was fun working out on the double bass.

14 May 2007, Mon: I met up with XM and Emily to rehearse. As Emily and I were early, we started practising J.S. Bach's Air on the G string (for Double Bass duet), arranged by Buell Neidlinger.

When XM arrived, the three of us sight-read several trios written for the double bass. We sight-read three works from Trio Favourites Vol. 1 arranged by Carolyn White. We also played a few other trios. As there was some time, we rehearsed Sentimental Bossa Double Bass quartet by Murray "Doc" Solomon.

Much later in the night, XM had to leave early. Emily and I decided to use the time wisely by sight-reading a couple of duets from Classical & Modern Duets for Two String Basses (edited by Fred Zimmermann).

Overall, it was a night of fun practice. Of course, I think it was quite a challenging session because of the technical demands of the works that we had chosen to sight-read that night.

16 May 2007, Wed: I met XM and Emily yet again and we spent at least two hours playing the double bass that evening.

17 May 2007, Thu: I had double bass lesson with my tutor, MJ. He got me to work on Keyper's Romance and Rondo. Afterwhich, I played the entire Marcello's Marcello in G major. Lesson was good.

Now, I need more time to practise!

19 May 2007, Sat: Before I left my home in the early afternoon, I took some time to practise the solo from the 2nd double bass part of I. Berlin's Ragtime, arranged by G. Mouzyka. Afterwhich, I tried to play the double bass accompaniment part of J.S. Bach's Air on the G string. I also attempted to play J.S. Bach's Minuett. Concluding the practice for today, I practised the solo from P.I. Tchaikovsky's Neopolitanian Dance (from Swan Lake), arranged by G. Mouzyka. Practising is rewarding.


Simple American said...

Hats off to you.

You really put in some hours of hard work this week. :)

oceanskies79 said...

Thank you. I wish I could have more time to practise.