Friday, May 25, 2007

Read Singapore

I came across a post on READ! Singapore when I was reading a post by Rambling Librarian.

The key objective of the READ! Singapore initiative is to promote a culture of reading among Singaporeans as it aims to provide Singaporeans with an opportunity to rediscover the joys of reading, by creating a common topic of discussion and conversation amongst people.

Reading can be a pleasant activity to be involved in. With my current pace of life, I realised it can be a challenge to find time to read the books that I would like to read. Anyway, I seem to be reading blogs and books related to music nowadays. Oh, I also have a habit of browsing through the Chinese newspapers Lianhe Zaobao quickly in the morning before leaving home, if you call this reading?

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Ivan said...

Sure, I'd consider them reading. What's more important is the reasons for reading. I think in the case of READ! Singapore, it's more of reading beyond just the need for work or keeping abreast of daily news. It's reading for pleasure and personal development, and also to engage in discussions with other readers. Not sure if I can interest you in a book discussion session. I'd be happy to tell you more. I've a feeling it's something you'd enjoy :)