Friday, May 25, 2007

PY has watched: Dreams In Flight

At 8 p.m. this evening, I was at the Padang (which means open field in Malay) to catch Dreams In Flight presented by the La Fura dels Baus (Spain). This performance is part of the Singapore Arts Festival's Festival Opening.

I find the music that was played too loud for my ears. After the first 3 minutes of the performance, I had to take out and use my ear plugs. Protect our ears, the use of ear plugs is highly recommended if you would be attending this performance.

I was also quite impressed by the volunteers who formed the aerial 'human net'. They did a pretty good job considering the fact that they only had about two days of training. Good work!

To end the performance, there was a fireworks display. It was pretty beautiful.

If you would like to catch Dreams in Flight, here are the details:

25 – 27 May, 8pm

Sponsored by OCBC Bank
Supported by Embassy of Spain


mistipurple said...

those music ear plugs save my life at the office too. *wink*

pinkie said...

Am sure it's nice to be there! And you carry your ear plugs wherever you go?

oceanskies79 said...

Misti: Yes, they are life savers.

Pinkie: Yes I carry ear plugs. It is quite convenient because this set of ear plugs that I am carrying about comes with a container.