Friday, June 29, 2007

Lukewarm responses? Or a case of diligent readers?

About six days ago, I had put up a post titled: 50 posts published on, and was asking for my readers to give me feedback which is their favourite post out of the 50 posts that I have posted on

I met Shaun this evening at one of the Friends of's gathering, and he expressed disappointments that no one seems to be responding to my post last Saturday other than himself.

Well, I hope I would be right to say that my readers may just be diligently reading all the 50 posts that I have posted so far. As such, it would take them to read and to respond?

Meantime, if you were to ask me, here are my favourite seven posts written for, in no particular order:

- Back to the ancient world (Part I and II)
I had spent quite some time working on this post, and I have had some fun at the exhibition.

- A Colonial District Walk
I have a personal liking for the civic district and many of the buildings mentioned in the walk.

- Take a walk of Katong/ Joo Chiat area (Part I and II)
I like the photos and it is one of those special times that I have taken a walk about the Katong area.

- Memories of the MPH Building
This post has brought me nice memories of the building.

- At the Asian Civilisation Museum: Mystery Men
Somehow, like the name suggests, I like the Mystery Men, shrouded in mystery.

- Convergences: Chen Wen Hsi Centennial Exhibition (Part I, II and III)
It has been an enriching experience for myself trying to share about the art of Chen Wen Hsi using the medium of blogging.

- Combining lifestyle with heritage at Kampong Glam
It was an attempt to be less serious in my writing, and I like Kampong Glam.

Now that I have shared with you my personal favourite, I hope I can hear from some of you what's your favourite one post from the 50 posts that I have mentioned.


mistipurple said...

if i may be biased, i will choose CHIJMES amd the MPH Building posts as my favourite. they were chosen because i would read anything related to the old CHIJ; and the MPH Building, which was just behind her. and yes, i had my share of running across the road to get to MPH!

oceanskies79 said...

Thank you Misti.

I am biased like you as well. I like the MPH building. I started liking CHIJMES after you've with me about it. When I see CHIJMES, it will somehow remind me of you.

Jason Heath said...

I was just checking out your colonial district walk post, and I really enjoy the photos and commentary. I would love to visit Singapore someday!

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Jason, if you do visit Singapore, and time permits me to, I will be most pleased to show you about various parts of Singapore.

I love the colonial district walk myself. :)