Thursday, June 21, 2007

Next week: Listen to Emily's new compositions

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Emily not only plays the double bass, she is also known for her compositions.

Next week, there will be two free performances at the Esplanade Concourse and you will get to listen to the compositions by Emily and a few of her friends. Compositions that will no longer be just prints on the manuscript, but will come to life and be performed live! Do check this performance out especially if you want to support contemporary music by local composers.

All Strung Up
Les Six du Singapour in collaboration with Joshua Yang
25 June 2007 (Mon)// 7.15 pm + 8.15 pm
Esplanade Concourse

All Strung Out
Les Six du Singapour in collaboration with Joshua Yang
28 June 2007 (Thu)// 7.15 pm + 8.15 pm (Timing to be confirmed)
Esplanade Concourse

Note: The programme differs for each of the four sets of performances listed above.

You will get to listen to two of Emily's latest compositions at the above two performances:

Zero Amplitude
Yuan Peiying (soprano sheng), Emily Koh (double bass) and Diana Soh (piano)

Yuan Peiying (soprano sheng) and electronics

And there will be several other works that will be showcased at the above-mentioned performances held on 25 and 28 June 2007.

If you would like company, I will be there on 25 June 2007 for the 7.30 p.m. set of performance. Hope to see some of you there.

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