Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A valued friendship

Foreword: This is a post that I have wanted to post earlier. In the end, I decided I shall send a similar copy of it to my friend first by post. I guess I shalln't wait too long to post this online. Life's short. I guess any time can be good time.

To my blog-friends, thank you too for your friendship and support.

To Mystic:

Maybe I have not been
Your most ideal kind of friend
During many times of interaction
My weakness starts to show up:
That I can't fully verbalise
What goes on in my own world
And my means of communication
So subtle
Most can't even read
Between my lines

Yet thank you
For being patient with me
For showing me acceptance

Thank you
For lending me your support:
My music exams, concerts and more
For being there for me
Some of my darkest moments

Your friendly gestures
Have touched me
Gestures such as: meeting me
Early in the morning
at the airport
When I was flying all alone to China

I appreciate your willingness
To accompany me to museums
To concerts
To my awfully long-distance walks
To wake up very early so that
We can meet for breakfast together

I'm not sure what's the best way
But I hope to let you know
That I value you as a friend


Simple American said...

What a lovely way to commemorate your friendship. :)

Marc said...

agreed! from the heart stuff... :)

eastcoastlife said...

awwwww.... what a sweet friend you have! I also want! :)

oceanskies79 said...

SA: A way to show my appreciation. :)

M: Thanks.

Eastcoastlife: Mystic is a nice friend.
Friendships have to be nurtured if you want it. *winks*

mistipurple said...

cheers to Mystic! :)
i am happy she is such a good friend to you. indeed must be treasured with all your heart!