Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nominees for are up is a meta blog for Singapore bloggers.

In May 2007, I registered ,myself as a user of Now, when there is a new post on d'Bassists official webhome, I will usually ping so that it will be featured there. However, you won't see posts from this blog up on I would prefer a bit of privacy.

Now for the news, congratulations to Eastcoastlife, Veron, and Kevin. Their blogs and/or blog-posts have been nominated for 1st Anniversary Blog Awards. Voting starts now, and results will be announced on 1st Anniversary Party at 070707.

Eligible registered user of can now cast your votes for those whom you think are deserving of the respective awards. This is the link to vote:


eastcoastlife said...

Thanks PY for the mention. is a good place to make friends and get your blog noticed. It's good to ping updated posts of d'Bassists there.

oceanskies79 said...


I have pinged another post of d'Bassists there.

Kevin said...

PY, I'd rather have newbies get a chance at the awards than established bloggers like myself. Ah well it's all in good fun :)

oceanskies79 said...

Kevin: I think it is worth giving you folks a mention. It is an honour to be nominated.

If you aren't voting for yourself, you may vote for Eastcoastlife and/or Veron. ;)