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2 Jul 2015: abraço

2 Jul 2015 (Thu):

While visiting New York, I have made a point to visit the cafe Abraço which was on the list of Alon's Favourite Cafes in New York City. Alon Halevy is the author of the book The Infinite Emotions of Coffee.

It took me a while to find my way there. When I was there, I felt proud of myself that I have made my way there all by myself with the help of maps and the helpful directions of streets signs and from strangers.

I ordered a cup of cafe latte. The coffee tasted good! The cafe latte went well with the olive oil cake which was actually too sweet for me if I ate the cake on its own.

I had wanted to order the almond milk latte. However, there was no almond milk available that day.

This is a cosy cafe for a tasty cup of coffee. I had enjoyed the coffee there that I ordered myself a cup of espresso after the earlier treat to cafe latte and a cake. The beans for that particular day were made up of two-third of Brazilian beans from a specific farm. This I learnt from the barista.

Do not expect to have hotel quality service at this cafe yet this is a place for good cafe and standing up to have conversations with friends and the barista on duty.

86 East 7th St Manhattan
New York

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