Wednesday, June 22, 2016

2 July 2015: Carnegie Hall and a missed chance

2 Jul 2015:

I have heard about it. The Carnegie Hall is one of the world's great concert venues. Carnegie Hall was built by magnate, Andrew Carnegie, in 1891.  I was told that Carnegie Hall has superb acoustics.

I could have been more thorough when planning my trip in New York City. I was planning to take one of the guided tours of Carnegie Hall when I was in New York City. While I had visited the Carnegie Hall to look at its lobby area, I had missed the opportunity to take one of the guided tours by just two days. The guided tours are conducted from late September to June, and the last guided tour for June 2015 was on 30 June 2015.

At the very least, I had stepped into the main lobby of Carnegie Hall. I did not attend any concert at Carnegie Hall as yet. I was in need of a good night rest on 2 July 2015 so I decided to give up the option of attending a concert at the Carnegie Hall.

By the way, in New York City, there is a district that is called Carnegie Hill. However, the Carnegie Hall is not located there. Many thanks to one of the staff members from the United Nations for alerting me to this piece of information. It had helped to ask.

Learning point: This is a landmark that will be enjoyed in perpetuity. In the meantime, a reminder for myself to plan better in the future.

Carnegie Hall
154 W 57th St at Seventh Ave
Subway: N, Q, R, W to 57th St

Tours: Late September to June

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