Sunday, June 05, 2016

Getting around New York City with a MetroCard

The fastest and affordable way to get around New York City is using the user-friendly subway. The amazing thing about New York's subway is that it is opened 24 hours a day. New York City never sleeps because its subway works 24 hours around the clock. However, please be mindful of any track maintenance notices or changes to the subway's services.

I have learnt that to get around using the subway, it is very helpful to take note of the following information:
1) The number or letter that identifies each train route.
2) If it is a route in Manhattan area, pay attention whether the train is running uptown (i.e. North) or downtown (i.e. South).

Each trip on the subway costs $2.75 and is payable by MetroCard. The MetroCard works on buses too. However, please take note that when taking buses in New York, the buses only accepts coins. While I was in New York, I have two generous and kind ladies to take for giving me some US coins when I found myself short of coins to travel to the hostel on my very first day in New York. I am touched by their kindness and generosity.

For any visitor who is spending at least four days in New York or takes at least 13 rides on the subway or local bus in a week, it is worthwhile to consider purchasing 7 seven-day unlimited pass for $31.

Please refer to these websites for more information on New York's MetroCard:

Learning point: Generosity touches people's heart. When given a very achievable opportunity to give, why not?

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