Monday, June 20, 2016

2 Jul 2015: Washington Square Park and more

2 Jul 2015:


After enjoying cups of coffee at Abraco, my next stop was the United Nations. On the way there, I thought of taking photographs of the nearby university campus of NYU (New York University) as well as visit Washington Square Park. The park is a landmark for cultural activity. Two prominent features at the park are the Washington Square Arch and the large fountain.

Washington Square Park.

Washington Square Park.

On my way to United Nations, it was essential to stop by the Grand Central Station if I were to use the public transport. The station looked very different during the day.

Grand Central Station.

On my way, I ordered a 99 cents fresh pizza for myself. I felt I could make better pizzas yet at 99 cents for a slice of pizza, I felt thankful that the meal was easily affordable.

A glimpse of New York City before I visit the United Nations.

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