Thursday, January 11, 2007

Eastcoastlife's thoughts about the concert

Eastcoastlife has put up a post on her thoughts after attending the concert, A Journey Through Time, last night.

Quoting her a bit: "I love Passacaglia (Duo for Violin and Viola) by Halvorsen."

I think our dear violin and viola duo has played very well indeed for I seem to keep hearing positive reviews about their item. They indeed have played well, in my own opinion. Meantime, I keep my fingers crossed that the folks who had came for our concert could find the double bass quartet's item all right.

If you had attended the concert, please do share your views and comments. Could I ask for the honey-coated version of your comments please?

Meantime, do read the above-mentioned post by Eastcoastlife: Campus concert - A Journey Through Time.

Thanks for the post, Eastcoastlife.


Simple American said...

I'm sure you earned the honey-coated reviews which you deserve.

L B said...

Hello there, PY!! I got hijacked from SA's to here.. Will drop by again.. for educational purposes, if that's ok with you..

eastcoastlife said...

you put up a good performance at the concert. Regarding the double bass quartet performance, the guys were not playing well for one of the songs. I am not qualified to comment but I can hear that the tune was out and quite messy.

The other girl was not too bad, I could see she was enjoying because her right foot was tapping away to the music and her body was swaying to the music. It sort of rubbed off on me and made me want to dance too. Should have put this on my post.

oceanskies79 said...

LB: Welcome. thank you for visiting. See you around.

Eastcoastlife: I think you are probably referring to our second item.

Gosh....I hope the first item, where I was playing solo, went well...but it should be. My colleagues from the double bass quartet told me so.

Yah, the other girl's Emily. Yes, she plays well, and she is the composer of Suicidal Tendencies. Gosh, I am growing to like Suicidal Tendencies more and more.