Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hainan 2006

In this post, I shall compile the links of the posts related to the trip I have made to Hainan from 9 - 13 Nov 2006.

I dedicate this post to Eastcoastlife's parents-in-law who are Hainanese. May the photos on a few of these posts bring them to see the various sights of Hainan. They may physically be miles away from Hainan, but I hope these posts will bring some parts of Hainan closer to them.

Snapshots of my trip
9 Nov 06: Setting off for Hainan
Firecrackers cracking
9 Nov 06: Lunch and dinner
The dog that did not like phototaking
The story of the house
They plough the fields
9 Nov 06: Trip to nearby town
The story of the mountain goat
The ritual
Preparation of the Feast
Nian Gao
The slaughter of the chicken
Lunch on 10 Nov 2006
The well that my grandfather built
The walk after the lunch
Hammock to rest after lunch
Night approaches
The story of the ants
The ride to a nearby town
11 Nov 2006: At the nearby town
The ride back to the house
Fresh vegetables
Yummy peanuts
Taking photos of the chickens
Leaving the village for Haikou
At Haikou
Breakfast on 12 Nov 2006
Postcard hunting in Hainan
At the cybercafe in Haikou
Five Officials' Temple
Five Officials' Temple Part II
Five Officials' Temple Part III
Lunch: 12 Nov 2006
The overhead bridges in Haikou
Bye Hainan
Hainan 2006, et cetera

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Here are the URL of some external Hainan-related sites:


eastcoastlife said...

Thanks PY for your postcards and for placing the posts on Hainan Island into one post.

My Mom-in-law was all teary when she saw the postcards of Hainan Island. My Dad-in-law who's a little senile, keeps pestering hubby to bring him back to Hainan.

I can understand their wish to see Hainan Island before they pass away. It is very sad to not be able to go back home to see the things and people you leave behind.

Thanks again for the photos. They at least ease some of my in-laws' longing to see Hainan Island again.

Simple American said...

That was nice PY. Whatcha did for eastcoastlife's folks.

Good set of links for when I go back to look it all over. :)