Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A delicious lunch at Waipojia, Hangzhou

I shall dedicate a post to share about the delicious lunch that I had at The Grandma's Kitchen, Hangzhou (外婆家)(or Waipojia). It was one of the most delicious lunches that I had during my 8-days tour in China. Waipojia is a food establishment that is well-known for serving home-cooked style Hangzhou cuisine. Most of the dishes that are found at The Grandma's Kitchen are dishes that are commonly served in the homes of the Hangzhou's locals.We understand from the tour guide that The Grandma's Kitchen is one of the most popular food establishments amongst the locals in Hangzhou.

After a long bus journey from Nanjing to Hangzhou, I felt very blessed to be treated to a delicious and wholesome lunch at The Grandma's Kitchen. The entire course that was served allowed me to taste dishes with various flavour ranging from sweet, sour, savoury to spicy.

We had the pleasure to be served one of the signature dishes of The Grandma's Kitchen. We were told that this dish had earned quite a fair bit of accolades. This dish is called "Chicken in Green Tea Flavour" (龙井茶香鸡). The chicken is marinated in some kind of sauce containing Longjing green tea leaves, and has a aromatic fragrance and lightly fragrant taste.

I had a hearty lunch and that brought me quite a bit of delight to continue with the rest of the day. From the good taste of the food, I am convinced that the people in Hangzhou know how to appreciate the finer things in life. Below is a photograph of some of the food that were served during our lunch at Grandma's Kitchen.

Grandma's Kitchen