Sunday, June 13, 2010

Read: This Time I Dance

Tama J. Kieves
This Time I Dance! - Creating the Work You Love
Penguin Group, 2003
(English 650.1 KIE, BIZ)

A book that I had read about a few months ago had recommended that readers could read This Time I Dance! Admittedly, yours truly is in the process of working to clarify what it is that I love to do in life. I was also exploring how I could have a life that I love while earning a good livelihood. That somehow pointed me to find a copy of this book to read.

In much ways, This Time I Dance! is not a manual. Nevertheless, I have found it quite an inspiring read as it is in many ways a journal of the journey that the author herself had taken to seek and develop a career in an area that she loves, writing. This book is written with a very personal touch, that is honest to speak of the fears, the transitional blues and at the same time, the enthuasiasm and the inspirations that occur in the author's very journey of seeking to do what she loves.

Two of the quotes that I like to share from this book:

"Be even kinder to yourself when you feel fear. Love, not anger, inspires right action."

"Give three hundred seconds to your dream. Take a tiny step with big integrity. It takes a step to break to break into a run. The result at hand doesn't matter. The resolve does. Show up for your love. Showing up always shines." (pg 167)

It's a book written with love, honesty and in an encouraging tone. Readers who would want more could check out this website:

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pinkie said...

I think it takes alot for one to pursue passion/interest esp when it comes to a career switch. Guess a 300 seconds dream will not make any difference to my life now.

Wish u success!