Monday, September 27, 2004

Flash drive - Flashy and Convenient

After about two months of consideration, I have finally made the mind to buy a flash drive for myself just yesterday. If I were to sound as if I am showing off my flash drive, please forgive me. Maybe I have an unintentional need to attention-seek when my health is not good.

Anyway, I shall announce, without a single sign of unbashfulness, that I have finally gotten myself a personal flash drive for the sake of trying to keep a little more in touch with the latest development in technology. More important, I hope the flash drive will offer me a convenient, light and 'trendy-looking' way to store my data, and to facilitate convenient and fast transfer of data.

I shall dedicate a paragraph of this post to show my words of appreciation to my youngest brother for helping me rectify the problem I have had in using my new flash drive. For some reasons, my Personal computer on a XP operating system could not add the new flash drive as a hardware, and my dear brother has so kindly took the time to help to resolve the problems that have arisen. To my youngest brother, I say "Thank you".

This morning, I have tried using my newly acquired flash-drive to store and transfer the data for a presentation. I must say a flash drive is handy to have, reasonably fast in transferring files, and it feels 'hip' to have one.

That is all for my personal experience with the device. Mine is an Imation flash drive. If you should wish to read a possibly slightly biased account of how flash drive has an advantage to other storage device, please go to:

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