Thursday, September 16, 2004

Getting Wiser? Finding company in boredom.

People usually get wisdom tooth when they are in their teenage or adulthood years. I have my share of having wisdom teeth. Could I say I am getting wiser? Afterall, when one gets wisdom tooth, he/she has probably gained a relative amount of life experience.

Wisdom teeth don't usually give problems so long that they aren't impacted. When a wisdom tooth is said to be 'impacted', it is obstructed from erupting fully into the mouth, by the tooth in front of it or the surrounding bone or gums.

So much so for the technical explanation. I found out that two of my wisdom teeth are impacted, and my dentist suggested that they be removed.

So I did. I had two wisdom teeth removed surgically recently. It wasn't as painful as I thought. I take comfort that I have a good dentist who is skillful enough to ensure that the removal was done properly with care. I'm feeling the inevitable discomfort from the swelling of the jaws though. No matter how good the dentist is, the dentist can't prevent the jaw from swelling. Afterall, mine isn't a simple extraction of the wisdom teeth. It is actually the surgical removal of two wisdom teeth, found lying deep in the gum areas, on each side of the lower jaw.

So here I am, on medical leave till this weekend. Feeling bored stiff. Both sides of my face is swelling because of the swollen jaw, and I could not speak quite clearly. I wish to go out, but it will be a hassle. I can't eat anything but soft food, and what's more, it isn't quite easy communicating with others when one can't speak clear enough. I know sign language (Signing in Exact English), but that won't serve to be any useful unless the people whom I wish to communicate with knows the language.

Then again, I should look at the positive side and find company and comfort in boredom. Hardly does one have a stretch of five days to do nothing but rest. I guess it's time to catch up on my rest. These few days, I spent my time listening to music, surfing the internet. I find comfort that I can type well even though I can't speak clearly for the moment.

So well, now you could have a sense of what boredom could do to a person like me. It gives me the time and space to type and type away. And before I know it, I have an essay!

Please wish for me that I will heal soon. Thank you in advance.


Seraphic22 said...

Get well soon ;)

I also have some 'impacted' wisdom teeth but im not going to bother having them removed, no point as they aren't that bad.

I would like to say something else but I dont know you and you haven't done enough posts yet to be able to know anything bout you, or maybe I can't say anything else cause im too dumb to think of anything :D

oceanskies79 said...

Hi Seraphic22: Thanks for your well-wishes.

Seraphic22 said...

anytime ;)

you seem like a nice person so I think I may actually comment on here every o often ... although dont expect it to often cause im lazy :D

oceanskies79 said...

Thank you Seraphic22. Please take your time, and go at your pace. I shall look forward to your next post.